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Having a wedding reception or rehearsal, corporate event, graduation, tailgate party, Greek party, birthday party, anniversary party, bachelor party or any event formal or informal? Then you want our unique service for an unforgettable and outstanding impression! Hog roasting is fast becoming the most fun and economical way to cater an event. Your guests will be greeted by a mouth watering, smoky southern style BBQ smell.
Providing the best whole pig roast for your big event, wedding, graduation, family reunion. We use only the finest pigs, USDA butchered from our farm or our butcher's. They are pasture raised and feed a seasonal variety diet. All pigs are seasoned with a southern style rub, our award winning secret recipe. They are wrapped in foil then wood fired and slowly roasted 8-12 hours, until the meat is falling of the bones. We only roast over hickory, cherry, apple, and sugar maple hardwoods creating a fabulous sent and a to die for flavor