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Selling Seasoned Firewood and Our Unique Farm to plate Pig Roasting Catering service!
We also offer professional land clearing and tree removal. Deck, Fences and other Construction Services

Firewood Delivery, Pig Roasting, Hog Roasting, Fences, Decks, tree work in Westerville, OH

Scenic Seitz Landscaping is your #1 source for quality services when it comes to tree removal, land clearing, fences, decks, plantings.
Contact us in Westerville, Ohio at (614)933-0578 for our unique farm to plate pig roasting and hog roasting catering services.
We offer seasoned, quality firewood delivery as well as decks & fences services.

We offer quality seasoned hardwood firewood delivered right to your door!

Quality and convenience at the right price!

  • Select Hickory Oak $199-half cords or full cords used for premium wood burning or for smoking meats

  • All mixed hardwood as a mix of Ohio hardwoods and is split and ready to burn!

    Half cords for $129 delivered and stacked!

  • Full cords for $249 delivered and stacked (mixed hardwoods)!

  • cooking mixes of Oak, Hickory, apple and cherry fruitwoods also available for you smoker!


Don't get burned! Buy from a reputable firewood dealer!

Contact our construction professionals today for more information
on our construction services.
(614) 933-0578
email direct @ c_note89@hotmail.com
or fill out a contact form!

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